Paper creations by Jenny Pinto

I’m always excited by useful objects made with beautiful paper. I was enchanted by the completely sustainable paper lamp designed by the talented Mr. Gardener. I chanced upon Jenny Pinto, a hugely talented designer based in Bangalore, India. She makes paper by hand the old-fashioned way using agricultural and waste fibers from the banana tree, sisal, river grasses, and more. Check out her inspired paper designs.

All art from


Dyed shibori paper

“Dried Flower” banana fibers

Gorgeous lighting for home and studio.

“Time Maps”

“Water Stories,” hand stitched and sculpted book

Jenny has a heart of gold. To source material, she contacted NGOs working with women in rural parts. She taught key members of each group her paper-making techniques, and empowered them to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs who make and market paper products. Read about Jenny’s vision here.