Standout video for print designers transitioning to web design

We received a total of 97 new videos for the design and publishing segment in the Adobe TV Learn show. They were all awesome and engaging, created by top-notch trainers in the industry.

One stood out for me:

Understanding print vs. web design By James Fritz for in the Muse Adobe TV Learn show.


This is the seminal piece of the puzzle for print designers transitioning into web design—our primary audience for Muse.

Fritz goes over key differences in the two mediums side-by-side and lays out how designers should approach designing content for each. Categories discussed and compared: Page size, Navigation, Document Construction, File size, Accessibility, Testing/Troubleshooting

Fave quote:

“For print, the end can justify the means. What I mean is, in a perfect world, we would all design our pages with master pages, paragraph & character styles, and layers in the best possible way. But sometimes, when you don’t have time to work the correct way, you can just put something together, and if it prints okay, so be it. It will look good and the user won’t even know how it was built. On the web, quality of construction is of huge importance. Users may not be able to get to the page the right way, the page may load slower, and the SEO factor—if you don’t build the page correctly, it will be invisible and nobody will be able to find it.”