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I was delighted to hear that Tom Biederbeck is editing Mohawk’s admirable Felt & Wire site, and the  newsfeed for the Academy of Art Univ (my alma mater). Tom, originally of STEP and the effervescent Dynamic Graphics Magazine, is one of the finest editors I’ve had the privilege to work with. I had written for many publications and books before I started my columns with his magazines, but it was different with Tom. I’d hand him my technically-sound writing (at least it was that) and it would emerge colorful and interesting. I’d gape at the edited draft. “I wrote this?” Continue reading

GGG at MediaBistro’s Ebook Summit


Graphics Gone Green debuts at the eBook Summit in NY

Last month’s Ebook Summit in NYC was informative and gave us many opportunities to show n tell. The audience was mainly publishing types (editors, authors, agents, publishers and distributors). Read reviews of the speakers and events here.

Graphics Gone Green had a table at the event, and we generated a lot of interest and buzz at our table. Here are some pictures.

The following week, mediabistro’s blogs, GalleyCat and eBookNewser sent me these questions to answer:
They asked for some some practical tips for how publishers can set up an environment-friendly policy; and what the eBook revolution will mean for the environmental footprint of publishers.

My replies were posted on GalleyCat and eBookNewser. Good press.

Design it to last

A packaging tip: Although this seems counterintuitive, consider a packaging design that lasts beyond its initial use. Packaging themselves can become keepsakes if they are attractive and durable enough to provide an alternative use.

Jewelry Designer Mimi Tudor likes to re-purpose interesting everyday containers to package her creations. Anything from used cupcake boxes, chocolate tins, and packaging for tea products enjoy a lovely second life in her studio.


D-Schools that teach sustainable design


Since we launched the ebook, I’ve been asked to recommend design schools that offer “remedial” training in sustainable design. It’s an urgent need. I know of a few schools that offer flexibility with e-learning, and distance learning options.

If you hear of others, please forward!

– Rita

A book is born

After a year and a half, it was a true labor of love. Even feels like giving birth–euphoria and utter exhaustion.

“Graphics Gone Green. Ways to Go Green Without Losing Your Shirt,” our PDF-based ebook is ready. All 157 glorious pages with thousands of links, hyper-linked x-refs, video interviews and more. It’s aimed at creative professionals who wish to make their workflows more sustainable. Erica and I thought long and hard about how we designers like to learn and process information. Then we designed the ebook’s interface, appearance and navigation accordingly. For people who like to read a printed page, we offer a book (printed one at a time) from Blurb.

We really like how it turned out. Hope you do too. I’ll post a sample chapter and also the colophon. Check it out!

Cover design of ebook

Cover design of ebook